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These are nectar thick, honey thick, and spoon thick. Thickeners can also alter thetaste of the fluid causing individuals to refuse to drink it. For ease of read and to lessen the confusion, im sticking with the generic nectar and honey thick liquids for this post. You will learn how to buy and prepare pureed foods and thickened liquids to make. The categories of consistencies are slightly thick, mildly thick, moderately thick and extremely thick cichero et al. Nectarthick mildly thick honeythick moderately thick puddingthick extremely thick thickening liquids at home you can thicken liquids at home with thickening powders or gels. For example, when recommending the liquids of nectar thick, add. They are usually easier to control while swallowing. Dysphagia mechanically altered includes all foods on ndd level 1. Pureed foods and thickened liquids for people with dysphagia. Dysphagia advanced beverages recommended any beverages, depending on recommendations for liquid consistency. The iddsi model expand and separate out the liquids to offer more choices to increase freedom to patients when appropriate.

Although she cannot swallow thin liquids, she tolerates nectarthick liquids well. Mar 29, 2016 the three consistencies of thickened liquids are. Dysphagia liquid consistency intermountainphysician. Nectarthick liquids are easily pourable and comparable to apricot nectar or thicker cream soups. Your healthcare team will check one box to show you how thick your liquids should be. Dysphagia pureed beverages recommended any smooth, homogenous beverages without chunks or pulp. Simplythick gel food and beverage thickener for dysphagia. Avoid any beverages with lumps, chunks, seeds, pulp, etc.

The foodservice industry is already starting to dual label their products, so be sure to check for the new labeling. Some foodsfluids are naturally thick but others need to be thickened with either natural or commercial thickeners. Preterm infant swallowing of thin and nectarthick liquids. Thick liquids are often prescribed for individuals with swallowing disorders. You may need to avoid juicy foods like watermelon, apples or oranges. Liquids are thick enough to be given by spoon, but, when spoon is placed upright, it will not stay upright.

The signs of dehydration include being thirsty, having a dry mouth, peeing less often and confusion. Of those receiving thickened liquids, on average 60% received nectarsyrup thick, 33% received honey thick, and 6% received puddingspoon thick, although the frequencies with which each thickness was. Thischart is a guide for thickening liquids to the viscosity levels of nectar, honey, or spoon thick consistencies. Members often ask if asha has any policies about dysphagia diets. Your speech pathologist has recommended either nectar thick or honey thick liquids. This study reports the viscosity thickness of nectar and honey thick liquids measured at a typical serving temperature. Centipoise cp measurements were compared for three products two starch. Examples of thin fluids that need to be thickened and mixed consistency foods to avoid are provided. Centipoise cp measurements of the samples were compared across products and. Nectar consistency honey consistency pudding consistency directions. We have a few more tools in our toolbox that we can explore first before we resort to the oprah thickened liquids method and you discharge everyone on your caseload so that you can get to happy hour on time.

Beverages recommended all beverages with minimal amounts of texture, pulp, etc. Thin, nectarlike, honeylike, and spoonthick modification levels, which remain in practice today 5. National dysphagia level 3 advanced nutrition therapy. Dysphagia pureed in addition to the foods listed below. Thickened liquids are prepared by adding starch or gum thickeners to thin liquids e. Pureed foods and thickened liquids for people with dysphagia read this booklet to learn about. Beverages may need to be thickened to appropriate consistency.

Your speech pathologist swallowing specialist has recommended that you drink only thickened liquids and avoid thin liquids. This helps the fluids go through your mouth and throat more slowly. Frazier j, chestnut ah, jackson a, barboncea, steele cm, pickler l. Goldfield ec, smith v, buonomoc, perez j, larson k. Sample thickened liquids care plan health and human services. Nectar syruplike consistency honey like cold honey on a spoon pudding. Mar 18, 2006 this study compared the viscosity thickness of five different liquids thickened to nectar or honeylike consistencies with a variety of thickening products.

People with swallowing problems may find it difficult to swallow thin fluids such as water, milk, tea, coffee etc. Pdf this study compared the viscosity thickness of five different liquids thickened to nectar or honeylike consistencies with a variety of. Home first,obtainathickeningagentatyourlocaldrugstore. This should lower the risk of liquids going into your lungs or causing you to cough. Thickening liquids to nectar consistencymildly thick you or someone you care for has been identified has having a swallowing problem. Your doctor and speech pathologist have found that it is safer for you to drink thickened liquids. Product, liquid, and time comparisons article pdf available in dysphagia 204. Remember that all thickening agents, whether commercial thickit, thick, and easy or noncommercial food items instant potatoes, baby fruits, baby cereal, etc.

People who have trouble swallowing thin liquids often thicken their liquids to help prevent choking and stop fluids from entering the lungs. Suitable for people with feeding or swallowing problems and makes swallowing safer. Thickener instructions will vary depending on the thickener brand. Theyre not pourable and usually require a spoon to. Understanding the viscosity of liquids used in infant dysphagia management.

As a general rule, four ounces of a thin liquid can be thickened to nectar thick consistencymildly thick by stirring in one tablespoon of traditional powdered thickener into the liquid vigorously. How to thicken liquids nectarthick upmc healthbeat. This level has been incorporated into the iddsi framework as level 1 slightly thick. One tablespoon equals fruit exchange which equals 4 grams of carbohydrates.

Thickening liquids can impact the amount of liquid intake and may result in dehydration if the individual is not able to take in adequate amounts. National dysphagia level 1 pureed nutrition therapy. Unfortunately, she does not like the consistency or taste of the thickened fluids and. Jefferson county care transitions coalition presents.

Usage chart for more information, visit or call 800. May need to be thickened if on thickened liquids creambased soups are naturally nectar thick but will need thickener if on honey thick liquids brothbased soups need thickener added for nectar and honey consistencies level 2 chunks must be very tender and smaller than. To be used in conjunction with advice from a registered dietitian. Thickened fluids winnipeg regional health authority. Viscosity measurements of nectar and honeythick liquids. Evidence against thickened liquids dates back to 1994, when a comparative effectiveness trial of stroke patients found that family instruction on appropriate compensatory swallowing techniques without the use of thickened liquids carried no increased risk of pneumonia, dehydration, malnutrition, or death when compared with thickened liquids. Nectarlike honeylike spoonthick food textures for ndd level 3.

Nectar thick liquids are the consistency of apricot nectar. Pdf viscosity measurements of nectar and honeythick. Nectarlike honeylike spoonthick food textures for ndd level 2. Honey thick slightly thicker and not as easy to pour as nectar. A clinical dietitians guide to iddsi dietitians on demand.

Slowly add thickit instant food and beverage thickener to the liquid while stirring briskly with a spoon, fork or whisk until thickener has dissolved. Guidelines for consistency modifications of foods and liquids. Dont hand out thickened liquids like oprah a compensatory. Samples were prepared using manufacturer guidelines and viscosity was measured at the recommended time to thicken standard and also after 10 and 30 min. Thickened liquids your healthcare team will check one box to show you how thick your liquids should be. Please refer to the table below to learn about the different liquids. Nectarlike honeylike spoonthick food textures for ndd level 1. This particular agent provides a very smooth and homogeneous result that doesnt. Pdf viscosity measurements of nectar and honeythick liquids. Why does it matter how thick or thin the liquids i have are. Avoid juices that separate such as, pineapple juice, tomato juice, apricot nectar, orange juice that has pulp.

Milk, juices, coffee, tea, sodas, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages if allowed, nutritional supplements. As a clinician, you can start using dual labeling in your documentation to get familiar using the terminology. Use of thickened liquids in skilled nursing facilities. Alterations to elements of the iddsi framework may lead to confusion and errors in diet texture or drink selection for patients with dysphagia. Liquids that are thickened may be called slightly thick, mildly thick or moderately thick. To prevent dehydration you will need to drink 68 cups of thickened fluids each day. Serving temperature viscosity measurements of nectar and honey thick liquids. Fluid slowly drips in dollops off the end of the spoon. Instead of thin, nectar, honey and pudding, the nectar is separated into two categories with slightly thick liquids including items such as drinkable supplements. Any texture should be suspended in the liquid and should. Honeythick liquids are slightly thicker, less pourable, and drizzle from a cup or bowl. Our dieticians and our slps have had multiple discussions on this topic. Simplythick is a food and beverage thickener designed to improve the lives of people living with swallowing disorders, otherwise known as dysphagia.

The recommended thickness for liquids is specific to the individual with a swallowing problem. Read below for tips on getting your liquids nectar thick, as well as common thickeners and recipes. Add level measured thickener into a dry, empty glass. Your health care team recommends that you follow a puree and thickened liquid diet for dysphagia. Level 1 slightly thick drinks has also been verified as distinct from other thickness levels in the literature, however, as with all other thickened liquids, this level lacks data to.

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